Art Healing

I started two new classes this week and wanted to share our first assignments.

The first class is given by Tamara LaPorte at Willowing Arts. It is a free tutorial called Art, Heart and Healing. The first week was It Is Okay To Be Who You Need To Be, we worked on transforming our inner critic and developing our own positive affirmation. This first class was very healing and I am glad I found Tam and her wonderful class.

Week One

I used Caran d’Arche Neocolors, acrylic, gelatos, Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Watercolor pencils, stamps, gesso, 2B graphite pencil.

The second class I started taking is Sketchbook Skool - Seeing. Unfortunately I didn’t realize that there were two sessions. Beginnings and Seeing so I started with course 2. I understand it really doesn’t matter which one you take first. Our first assignment was to only use a black pen and draw a piece of toast. My piece was of my German whole grain bread, which I love by the way. However, because it has so many nooks and crannies it was tedious, but I enjoyed doing it and learned a lot.


How has your week been? Don’t forget to look me up on Facebook I have a page there called Cat’s-eye Studio.


Practice, Practice, Practice Makes

Yeah will not sure I want to say perfect to this practice mantra. However, I am pleased with myself for trying new things for the first time, I think I am doing pretty good. I am still doing ICAD 2014 and using it to try different things. I don’t draw, I’ve tried a few times, but they always look flat, so I stopped doing it. I was afraid of dimension, shadows, lighting, well not sure afraid is the right word, just didn’t know how to do it. I am learning and I am practicing. Here are a few drawings I worked on an index card. 5of61Buddha Laughing Buddha. This was done freehand by looking at a picture. 8of61Penguin   9of61Snail   The penguin and snail are from the book 50 Things to Draw by Ed Tadem where he gives instructions on how to achieve the drawing along with shading. I am really amazed at myself over these last two drawings. I did dimension and shading and it doesn’t look bad. I am also doing a class online with Derwent, they take you through different  techniques. The first one was lighting and shading. I had fun doing it but it was really hard for me to get she shaping. So shaping is something I’ve added to my list of things to practice.   DerwentBallcropped   Every time I look at it I think the shadow should slant a little more to the left, more in line with following the light spot on the ball. However, it passed and I was sent the next video lesson. I have been really focusing on art lessons and unfortunately I’ve let my Documented Life Planner slip. I did work a little bit on it Thursday and will do more this week. I really want to catch up, plus I have a great idea for one of the challenges, I’ll post here when I finish it. I also am doing a few more different lessons but I’ll tell all about those when I’m done with the drawings required. So this week will be pretty busy catching up with all this on my plate. Plus I will be taking a class in Greensboro Saturday and Sunday. I was supposed to go to Florida but that didn’t pan out, but the class is a great consolation. It is two days with Wendy Vecchi, a wonderful artist and designer with Ranger Inks at Betty’s Scrapbook Room. Hugs!! Namaste!!

ICAD 2014

It has really been busy around here. Besides leaving for four weeks in Germany I also spent about two weeks in NY – time before we flew out and then again when we arrived. Hubby thought it was going to be tough having me gone for four weeks plus, but things worked out. He ended up going to Mexico City for two weeks and then two weeks to Florida for work. He took some time off when I came back and spent time with me up in NY. We then drove home nice and slowly, taking two days to do so. We stopped in Staunton VA at a great B&B. It seems ‘ole Ms. Serendipity was at work again. Upon arrival we walked up the stairs to the great front porch and a woman was sitting there. She was on the phone but hollered out hello and said she was a fellow guest. After checking in and bringing out things upstairs we went down to the porch to relax. Turns out her name is also Cathy and she is a fellow artist. She was on her way to nature camp where she will learn draw. I loved this idea. We shared drawings and formed a bond.
On returning home I started with ICAD 2014. This is an Index Card a Day challenge and can be found on Tammy’s Daisy Yellow blog.

Here are my first two:

2of61Afterglo and 4 Corners.

I am using ICAD to mostly practice. These are two different Zentangles patterns. The names are after the photos.

It is definitely fun and I’ve been enjoying the new habit of sitting at night with hubby and drawing. When he goes to bed then I paint them in.

What have you been up to?


Happy Mail

If you are unfamiliar with happy mail it is the most glorious thing to find in your mailbox. Yes, that thing the postman uses to usually put junk mail or bills into. I love getting snail mail as can be attested to by joining the PostCrossing community for postcards. In the Documented Life Project (DLP) group on Facebook someone started sending happy mail and it has caught on like wildfire. I am in a group now called  Lucky 37 Happy Mail which spun off of the DLP group.

I wanted to share the first envelope I made.



I had a lot of fun making this. First I gessoed a regular brown envelope. I then used Tim Holtz’s Distress Ink pad in Broken China and Peeled Paint for the sky and ground. I used acrylic paint for the sun. A sunflower stamp with a ladybug and an ivy stamp were used the flower, then a butterfly out of the Inkadinkado Insect Amalgam Cling Stamp set. I colored in the stamps with watercolors and markers and then outlined everything with a Sakura Micron pen. When it was finished I sprayed with a workable fixative, since most of the products are not permanent and water soluble this will prevent them from smearing or wiping off.

Here is the front of the envelope:


Again I used China Blue Distress Ink pad and using a stencil and brown ink put on the bird with tree. A fixative was applied afterwards. She flew off to California and landed in her happy recipients lap.