DLP Catching Up

This was a quiet week, Kris went out of town for work and I was able to catch up with The Documented Life Project. I have been having a really great time doing this. I have been broadening my artistic skills and using different techniques.

One thing I did this week was make my gelatin plate to create interesting designs on papers. I used some of them for my pages this week and I’ll point them out. There is a commercial plate out there which I didn’t buy, as the material seemed very familiar to me, instead, I searched on Google to find out how to make it myself. I still can’t remember where I saw or held this stuff but I did find a few links out there and some You Tube videos.

A warning when making it, the recipe I used caused it to gel really thick. I was worried that I might have ruined my kitchen strainer, measuring cups and spoons, but I didn’t. I put in the dishwasher and the really hot water took care of it. My plate came out really thin and it ended up tearing but no worries, I just put it back in the microwave and remade it. If you search Gelli Plates or gelatin plates and you’ll see what I am talking about. It was also very fragile and I tore a hole in it while making the prints. I will try making more papers, but if it keeps tearing I’m not sure I’ll make another. I just might invest in the real deal.

Now for the weekly challenges.

Week Two:

Our challenge was to incorporate a selfie, and it didn’t have to be a picture. At first I made this one

but it was using Terry Kahr’s design from Pringle Hill Studio and I really wanted to use something of my own creation. Even though I did cut her design up to kind of make it my own, I wasn’t comfortable with it. The dress picked up and I journaled on the back.

So on to gelatin print paper and this:

Week 2 Selfie with weekly page

Week 2 Selfie with weekly page

I ended up keeping the moon from Terry Kahr because it was glued on and I couldn’t get it off without tearing everything. I think it works with it. The mermaid is made from one of the gelatin papers along with the arm and body. I colored the background just below the moon and I think it actually looks like the ocean. I’m not sure if you can see in the ocean but I did a resist that says ‘I am enough.’ My head and hand was from the picture I took while taking Brene Brown’s course for the I’m imperfect and I’m enough section.  Around the side is a saying from Mandy Hale that says:

Change can be scary, but you know what’s scarier?
Allowing fear to stop you from Growing, Evolving, and Progressing.

The page next to it is just the weekly page with some doodling. I wanted to remember about the horrible January 9th West Virginia chemical spill that spread  to other states via the Elk River, that is what the big brown/purplish blob is LOL. I am doing ASA at my chiropractor which uses magnets and I’m keeping track if I feel different, so some of that info is there. I loved the stencil I just bought and had to add it on. Since Kris was coming back on Saturday, which made me very happy, put it there and played around with some different paints.

Week Three:

Add an envelope from our mailbox. We were to get creative and add the whole envelope or just parts.  We can journal, write notes on it, or use it as a pocket. Mine came from Google and I loved the large see through window. I wanted an envelope to keep my little snippets of quotes that I cut out from magazines and a few Maya Angelou quote cards and I think this is perfect.


I gessoed the envelope first, then colored it. Not thinking it would be lighter, as I wanted more of a red, but I’ll let it go and go with it. (Yeah I know I actually did pick something from Brene Brown LOL) I stamped on a butterfly that has a cancellation stamp and stamped on

“Life is art
paint your dreams…
Sing your songs…
Enjoy the dance…”

Inside is another gelatin paper with the heading QUOTES and my favorite quote by Eleanor Roosevelt:

You gain strength, courage, and confidence,
by every experience in which you really
stop to look fear in the face.

I taped it on with washi tape that has butterflies and says, “Les Papillons.” I had a sticker with a butterfly and part of a cancellation so stuck that on since it matched, and doodled on the background.

The back is nothing fancy

it is painted red and I stamped on a few quotes.

This came in the mail yesterday and I was so happy.


If you couldn’t tell already my One Little Word for this year has to do with fear and this is being fearless. A wonderful artist, Colleen Attara, made it. She uses only reclaimed materials in her arts which I am all about so I had to buy one. For now it has a home on my studio window.

Speaking of reclaimed material, during my walk I found a very dry piece of lichen while we were checking out the newborn calves. I carefully, as it was very fragile and extremely dry, carried it with me the whole walk and it made it home safe and sound. Not sure what I will use it for but I’m sure I will find something. Maybe as texture for another gelatin print.



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