My Greatest Comforts

I follow a blog by Miriam Schulman called Schulman Art Blog for Creative Living and she had this prompt to do a post on your greatest comfort. She included a template of a journal page, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon.

I find comfort in a lot of things, especially my home and home life. I really love sitting with my husband and just talking or even just being in the same room with him. I find that very comforting. I also love rainy or snowy days when I can cozy up on my couch in front of the fire and either read or knit. I also love to knit in front of a good movie or a wonderfully done podcast. I use to listen to Cast-on with Brenda Dayne a lot, but recently I haven’t done either of these things. That’s okay though, because I’ve been doing other wonderful things – doing artwork or crafting in my studio, writing, journaling and just taking care of myself. Sometimes it feels very indulgent, but I’ve given myself permission to nurture myself this year, so all is well.

journal Page smllr2

What are some of your comforting things?


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